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LjG Footography by Lauren jenifer Gates On Sale Now!

LjG Footography by Lauren jenifer Gates On Sale Now!

Foot Fetish Book LjG FOOTography Cover“During my first few years in Las Vegas, I was invited by my friend, Anise, to a New Year’s Eve party. At the party this “rock star” noticed me, or should I say my feet, while I was in line waiting for the ladies room. He approached me and said, “You have beautiful toes!” I jokingly replied, “Do you wanna suck’em?” He quickly replied “Oh, hell yea!” We then ventured into a separate room for a ménage à trois, Me, him, and my big toe! I dipped my succulent toe into his sparkling glass of champagne for him to enjoy, and well… the rest is up to your imagination. I enjoyed my toes being sucked so much, I decided to take my toes on a journey. Come follow my footsteps!”

I hope you enjoy my journey in Volume I! FOOTography has been so exciting, and many years in the making! I have done many projects in my life but I have to say, without a doubt, this has been one of my favorites! I’ve been accused of putting my foot in my own mouth, so I wanted to see what it would be like to put my foot in other people’s mouths. It was so fun coming up with creative ideas for my lil tootsies. It was hilarious to see how far others would go to be in my personal photo album!

LjG FOOTography Reviewed  in the Las Vegas Review-Journal Literary Las Vegas Column

Lauren Jenifer Gates Interviewed on The Bernie & Sid Show WABC New York, NY

Lauren Jenifer Gates Interviewed on The Gunz Show WABC New York, NY

LjG FOOTography Launch Party at Hard Rock

Foot Fetish Book LjG FOOTography Launch Party

LjG FOOTography Flyer for Launch Party at Hard Rock Hotel’s Luxe Bar

Foot Fetish Book LjG FOOTography Launch Party Flyer

LjG FOOTography Signing Party at Bellagio’s Lily Bar & Lounge

Foot Fetish Book LjG FOOTography Signing Party

Joni, as she is known on the East Coast, was chosen right off Daytona Beach in Florida and in NYC to do a Playboy video, pictorial & interview. She was highly recommended from an employee of Playboy to submit for a centerfold. Like many of us, she had no idea what she was missing out on when she said “No, but Thank You”. She was engaged to an amazing man named Nick at the time, who was very supportive. Sadly, Nick was in a tragic accident years ago – R.I.P. “Nicky”.

In Las Vegas, Lauren tried out with over 10,000 other hopefuls for the notorious game show “Wheel of Fortune”. After several rigorous cuts, only 12 made it onto the show, one of them being Lauren! Recently, she was approached to do a reality show, but it hasn’t yet come into fruition.

Lauren jenifer Gates

Attention producers! Lauren is available to share her outrageous ideas that would be perfect for a reality series. If you suck toes that’s a bonus for ratings! Now Lauren, as a publisher, is sharing her fun book called LjG FOOTgraphy!